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Myths Of The Roulette Wheel

It has to be said that roulette remains one of the exciting and bewitching games you can find in the casino and a great number of players are entranced by what is on offer. This means that some stories, myths and legends have grown around the roulette table, all of which can help to make the game more exciting for many people. However, many of these myths are just that, myths, so it is important not to get carried away with what is true and what isn’t if you are looking to have fun at the roulette table. Have fun by all means but don’t put too much faith in some of the stories you may have heard.

When it comes to finding a winning strategy, some roulette players will talk about sleeping numbers or numbers that have been cold for a while. This can also be said about certain sections of the wheel or perhaps even a color if red or black have been appearing regularly. Some players will think that if a number or section of the wheel hasn’t come up in a while, it must be a due a turn and will place chips on this outcome. It has to be remembered that past results have no bearing on any game at the roulette table and thinking like this is no indication of getting a positive result. You may be right playing in this fashion but you could be wrong, it is all down to chance!

Another myth that many people can get caught up in is having a lucky number. You have to remember that there can be a great number of people around the roulette wheel at any one point and there is every chance that a high element of these people will have a lucky number, which may well be different. There is no doubt that the number 7 will feature highly in people’s lucky numbers but if different people place bets on their lucky number, there is no way that all of these lucky numbers will be the winner. In fact, only one of these lucky numbers will be the winner so you have to wonder how lucky these lucky numbers actually are?

Another serious and potentially damaging myth in the roulette world is that roulette strategies can actually work! There are betting strategies that can bring about wins and dividends but players who have no strategy at all can also win. This is because it is a game of chance and there is no 100% guaranteed way to become a winner. Players may find that a strategy may work well in the short-term but it can actually have a negative impact in the long-term, the Martingale betting strategy is a good example of a betting system that could cost a lot of money with very poor returns for the player. Roulette is a game that should be enjoyed and taken for the game of chance that it is.

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